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Brothers and company owners: Criag Tobias and Glenn Tobias - in their younger years


Thank you for considering our company to assist you with repairing, expanding or adding functionality and beauty to your home. Ravensworth Custom Home Improvements LLC believes two things about what we do and how we do it. First, it is our God-given responsibility to treat you, your family and your home just as we would want someone to treat us and ours. Second, we never lose sight of the signal privilege it is for us to be allowed to work in the sanctuary that you call "Home". We get it, this is not just a house, it's YOUR home; the place where love and laughter happen, comfort and healing are
imparted by people who love one another, and where memories that last a lifetime are created. We are aware that you are honoring us with your trust in more ways than one by allowing us to come and bid your project and, perhaps, win your business.





We are a Class A BLD licensed and fully insured contractor. (The Class A governs the dollar amount for which we may contract -- in the case of Class A, unlimited -- while the BLD is the designation meaning that we are licensed to build anything. Be on guard for contractors without the BLD designation, there are limitations in what they can build.)

In preparation for a productive first meeting, we recommend that you

Be sure to review not only the prices but also the project descriptions in order to gain an accurate sense of anticipated costs for the project(s) you are considering. This annual report provides real data about actual projects completed by legitimate (properly licensed and insured) contractors and the real numbers from Realtors about the changes in the value of homes following those projects. You will find our pricing to be very competitive; in some instances, a downright bargain.

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